Paradox in Paradise


How much for your kiss? A kiss could be the most valuable thing in your life, it’s the opening gates to your temple, to your body and most important, to your heart. But what makes the kiss so important is the person who is gonna have the privilege to receive it. That’s when things get quite complicated, because your heart doesn’t know for sure who the person should be, or should I say it does? Worse than that, it could make you believe that someone is the perfect one when it’s not… this is the inner paradox. Have you ever questioned yourself why we’re almost always attracted to the wrong person? Why can’t we focus on the right mate once and for all when it’s given the correct opportunity? More confusing than that, why is it so difficult to leave alone someone who is not longer good for you, or ever was, just because you keep attracted to him/her. How can our feelings persist in an attraction against all malefic evidences that our reason can present? A break up, a divorce, a forgetfulness can be a hard thing for us to accept, it doesn’t matter how understandable and obvious the reasons might be. Feelings is always taking us into contradictory paradoxes and we don’t understand why, or do we?

I understand, therefore I exist


The theory that the Sun moved around the Earth worth it great. It predicted that the Sun would rise every morning and it did! It wasn’t until later that we realized what we thought was true, might not be. So do we, or will we ever know true reality? Or are we stuck in a world where the best we can do is be approximately true? Discovering more and more useful theories everyday but never actually reaching true objective actual reality. Can science or reason ever prove convincingly that what you see, hear and feel actually exist beyond your mind? That you don’t just live in the matrix? (more…)

The Greatest Hero Theory

Samuel Johnson’s definition of honor focus not so much on honor that comes from being ethically excellent but instead on honor that comes from power, from being royal or famous.


Global surveys have shown that many corporate logos like the golden arches are more famous than any celebrity or other symbol. So technically speaking, the greatest honor as far as becoming famous and globally known, might simply be to become a fast food mascot? (more…)