I’m a designer…


  • Website Design
  • User Interface
  • Visual Identity
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Criations
  • WordPress Themes
  • Graphic Design / Prints
  • Social Media

…and also do some coding.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • AS2 & AS3
  • SEO
  • jQuery
  • AE Expressions
  • WordPress

Technical Skills


Random stuff about me


  • I need water lots of water
  • I’m a workout addict
  • I’m a Mac but I was a PC
  • I wear jeans if not shorts
  • I gotta travel to survive
  • I’m inspired by futuristic thoughts
  • I love dogs, hate cats
  • I hate flies as much as tacky songs
  • I love the cold, hate the heat
  • I’m a born fruitful, need it
  • I never allow you touch my macbook
  • I love skyscrapers, lots of them
  • I hate sleeping, only for dreaming

A Brief History.

They say that if it only depended on me I would be living in the center of a city full of high buildings that light up the night sky as much as my anxiety lights up my mind in moments of creation. However, my first breath was taken in the young city of Goiania, Midwest of Brazil, where the sun can fry an egg on the asphalt during October, really. Born in 1986, I’ve spent most part of my childhood and teens creating stories for my toys and imaginary characters. I still remember the day my dad arrived home talking about a thing called computer. An object that every smart person was acquiring and that we would have ours very soon. I didn’t care at all about what was up to come.

Probably the new object would not be more than a new type of telephone or fax, boring compared to my awesome collection of GiJoe American Heroes. My complaints to invest money in the bauble instead of adding more heroes over my desk were unsuccessful. Days later there was the old PentiumIII 600MHz. There was not much to offer at that time but over the years I was hooked by every experience I discovered with it. Now about photographic cameras, they attract me since I was a child. Nobody could shoot me around, a bit of my unbearably insistent charm and soon enough there was me with the camera handy. Only after the digital camera was released there was peace in the family.

Enchanted by fiction and special effects from the Hollywood movies, just recording images in the real world was not enough for my imagination. It was then that I met an old work partner, the Photoshop. With the expansion of the Internet more ways of expressing myself virtually began to be found and my horizons were opening up successively. Finally I had tools for my promising future and with more tools to come, an infinite number of possibilities was about to branch out. Everything that I used to create inside my head as a child could now be created ​​through a computer screen and shared with the world. Thus was born the AmBLO, sleepwalk-dreamer living the eternal quest of a reality less realistic.

Do you know what I enjoy listening to?

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